Pocket AC

tools for film and video

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Plan. Execute. Log.

Pocket AC is an Android app for cinematographers, camera assistants, operators, DITs, and videographers featuring various calculators and charts to help prep and execute productions.

Specs in one place


Tools for on and off set

  • Depth of Field / Split Focus
  • Digital Runtime / Filesize
  • Diopter
  • Exposure
  • Field of View
  • Flicker Free Shutter
  • Focal Length Equivalents
  • Focus Chart
  • Footage Length and Runtime
  • Insert Slate
  • Mired Shift
  • Screentime and Runtime
  • Shutter Angle / Exposure Time
  • Solar Elevation
  • Unit Converter

Log every shot.

  • Quick and intuitive interface with presets to make logging easier
  • Can be used as a camera log to log every setup or a camera report to log every take
  • Mark circle takes in the camera report
  • Long-press a log entry to open a pre-filled slate
  • Collaborate on the same camera log with other Pocket AC users in real-time (beta)
  • Email log in PDF, Silverstack CSV export, HTML, or CSV format (opens in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or OpenOffice)

Available on phones and tablets

Field of View
Field of View
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